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※ 출처: 이찬승의 영어로 읽은 1분 지혜!

Woman. (여성)
Not girl, for adult females.

African-American or Black. (흑인)
Not Negro or colored.

Native-American, American Indian, or sometimes Amerindian. (아메리칸 인디언)
Indian is sometimes acceptable but it is safer to avoid it.

Disabled or Differently abled. (장애인)
Not handicapped.

Mentally disabled. (정신지체아)
Not retarded.

Flight attendant. (항공승무원)
Not steward or stewardess.

Overweight. (과체중)
Not fat.

International visitor. (외국인)
Not foreigner.

Ms. (여성)
To address a woman unless she asks to be called Miss or Mrs.

Assistant or administrative assistant. (비서)
Not secretary.

Server or waiter. (종업원)
Not waitress.

Chair or chairperson. (의장)
Not chairman.

Happy Holidays. (기독교 외의 종교를 가진 사람들을 위해)
Not Merry Christmas.


그럼 화장실은 뭐라고 하나요?

It is polite to refer to the toilet as the "men's room," "ladies' room," "powder room" "washroom," or "restroom."

The word "bathroom" is also used even when there are no bath facilities.

"W.C." and "comfort station" are not used.
The word "toilet," while not exactly vulgar, is considered not quite polite in social situations. It is fine in informal situations.